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I think I want to learn Java. Or would it be better to learn some other language ?

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I'm convinced that I want to learn Java. How do I start ?

I've installed a Java IDE, gone through the tutorial that came with it, and, gotten JavaHelloWorld to run. What else do I need to do to feel that I "have learned" the most significant parts of Java ?

What sorts of reference books are useful to people who use Java ?

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I think I want to learn the JavaLanguage. I already know C++. What JavaIde would you recommend ? -- DavidCary

Regarding learning Java, how are your object-oriented development skills? See LearningObjectOrientedProgramming. On Java IDEs, there are a couple to look at. The JavaIde page goes into more detail, but I would recommend comparing EclipseIde with IntellijIdea and picking the one you find more comfortable. I prefer the former, and it's free and open source. --StevenNewton

Thanks for the pointer ! -- DavidCary

Follow-up: The book ThinkingInJava might be a good starter book. I've also heard that the Core Java vol 1 language book from Sun is worthwhile. It might be called the K&E for Java.





Java books/tutorials/online courses

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Free Online Java Courses at CodeWarriorU.com http://www.metrowerks.com/MW/Develop/Desktop/Java/Default.htm


How To Think Like A Computer Scientist: Java Version by Allen B. Downey GNU Free Documentation License http://www.faqs.org/docs/thinkjava/

several Java tutorials at http://java.sun.com/developer/onlineTraining/index.html

Java-related wiki:

stuff to do after writing a few simple programs


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IDE What about netbeans? is it good for a beginner ?

I just downloaded it and took it for a quick spin -- seems OK to me. -- DavidCary 2004-11-03

"NetBeans IDE 3.6 Quick Start Guide" http://www.netbeans.org/kb/index.html

2004-11-05:DavidCary: I just hit my first Gotcha. I ran a simple Java application that reads and writes simple text files to disk.
    DataInputStream? inStream = new DataInputStream?( new FileInputStream?("input.txt"));
    File outFile = new File("tempfile.txt");
In the Eclipse IDE, I became used to it creating the file in the same directory as the ".class" files of my application (something like
    C:\Documents and Settings\caryd\My Documents\caryd\java_workspace\hello_world\bin
). But in the Netbeans IDE, the same program created the file in the
    C:\Program Files\NetBeans3.6directory.
(the "search for file" feature of Windows Explorer, at least on this machine, by default, does *not* search the "Program Files" directory).

Supposedly this is explained in the Netbeans FAQ: http://www.netbeans.org/kb/faqs/all-nbuser-faqs.html#FAQ_1_26 That FAQ says: ''... it is generally not a good idea to access files in such a way. Instead, the contents of the file should be accessed like
  InputStream? in = MyClass.class.getResourceAsStream(RESOURCE_PATH);

Huh ? PleaseComment.

Please AnswerMe: Moments ago, my compiler ("J2SE v 1.4.2_04 SDK with NetBeans 3.6 Bundle") gave me this error:

 WebFetchApp?.java [216:1] cannot resolve symbol
 symbol  : method contains (java.lang.String)
 location: class java.lang.String
 Note: C:\Documents and Settings\caryd\My Documents\caryd\netbeans_workspace\src\WebFetchApp?.java uses or overrides a deprecated API.
 Note: Recompile with -deprecation for details.
 1 error
 Errors compiling WebFetchApp?.

The String.contains() method is deprecated ? Really ? Funny, it doesn't mention that on http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.5.0/docs/api/java/lang/String.html#contains(java.lang.CharSequence?) .

What should I use to replace contains() ? I suppose I could say
				if( -1 != line.indexOf("CONTENT_")){
but that's ugly. -- DavidCary

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