Leo Scott

This Wiki space is a strange place. You just type, what a concept.

I have been experimenting with the developers side of XP and find all the parts work very well. WayneConrad and I have been using XP to create entries for the JavaWorld programming challenges. This has given me a very positive feeling for the power of XP. It fits in my head.
For more info about me see: http://www.leoscott.com Email me at mailto:leo@leoscott.com
The first Refactoring class went very well. See RefactoringLive for comments.
The second Refactoring class (Oct00) was a hit. See RefactoringLive for comments.
Back from the XP Immersion class (Dec00). Presenting a set of lunch meetings at IIS to spread the word.
Check Wayne and my article on doing pair programming: http://www.leoscott.com/cgi-bin/pywiki?BowlingScores

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