Lisa Crispin

I'm an agile testing coach and practitioner. I'm the co-author, with Janet Gregory, of Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams (AddisonWesley, 2009). I specialize in showing testers and agile teams how testers can add value and how to guide development with business-facing tests. My mission is to bring agile joy to the software testing world and testing joy to the agile development world.

Since 1982, I've worked as a programmer, analyst, technical support engineer, tester, and QA director with various organizations, including a university, large and small software companies, successful web startups, consulting firms and financial services companies. My experience includes developing business and retail applications, back-end processes, software tools, travel industry software, and financial applications.

I joined my first agile team in 2000. Since 2003, I've been a tester on a Scrum/XP team at ePlan Services, Inc. I frequently lead tutorials and workshops on agile testing at conferences in North America and Europe. I regularly contribute articles about agile testing to publications such as Better Software magazine, IEEE Software, and Methods and Tools. I also co-authored TestingExtremeProgramming (Boston: AddisonWesley, 2002) with TipHouse.

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I co-moderate (with BrianMarick) the agile-testing Yahoo group (see AgileTestingMailingList). Please join it:

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