Lisp Me

A FreeSoftware GPLed R4RS SchemeLanguage environment for PalmOs.

It has a few limitations, such as: Despite these limitations, LispMe is still good to work with.
It would be nice to have a couple tests to show common uses such as memo read/write, pen events, graphics, controls, etc. The LispMe page has examples but these are a bit verbose. I'm thinking something built on the LispMeObjects (for example (class 'file ...)) and posted here.

''I am slowly but surely working on a CellularAutomata program, and I will eventually have it draw the CA on screen. Once I have that finished, I'd be willing to post the code here. A set of LispMeObjects that talks to memopad, graphics, and even a Graphical toolkit would really be the Cats Buttocks. What do you say we make it go? -- JonathanArkell


Actually, the more I use LispMe, the more I think that trying to build some kind of LispmeFoundationClasses would be like putting legs on a snake. The built-ins seem quite useable and elegant. I guess we will see how that changes after 6 months however. ;) -- ja
Is LispMe ready for prime time? Would you bet the company on it?
see also LispMeUnit LispMeObjects LispMeAspects? LispMeLanguageElements
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