Lisp Me Language Elements

Here is a categorized list of LispMe Language Elements (primitive procedures, procedures, special forms, globals and constants). The categorization is still a work in progress.

This list should be applicable to most other SchemeLanguage implementations, with a few noteable exceptions. (one of them being "macro", which may, or may not be defined in the scheme of your choice. The other exception being the lack of hygenic macros). If you find a lisp-me or palm specific function/special form in the first section, please mark it (if it is a language specific addition) or move it below (if it is a palm-specific addition).

[EditHint: I am just a beginner, so this list should be viewed as anything but authoritative at this point... -- JonathanArkell]

R4RS Compliant


Operations Trig Rounding and Mangling Numeric Tests Reals Integers Complex Numbers Comparison Bitwise Boolean Strings Lists Vectors Declaration, Binding and Modification Flow Control Date and Time Macros IO Misc/Unknown
Palm Specific

Misc Event Events Direct to Screen Drawing Forms and Dialogs UI Elements Buffering (insert buffering functions here)

Palm Date and Time Memo Database Arbitrary Pilot Database Serial Sockets HanDBase VFS LispMe IO Extensions
CategoryScheme CategoryHandheld

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