Live Cd Os

A LiveCdOs is an OperatingSystem configuration that can be booted from a CD ( To be useful, the distribution must be able to recognise a good variety of common hardware configurations.

There are some interesting applications (e.g. LiveCdOs based router at

Live CD bootable OperatingSystem tends to mean no harddrive. The kernel is loaded to memory and no form of hard storage is necessary to run the operating system. (Of course you can always mount your favourite device to store data...)

CHAOS openMosix is Live:

KnoppixLinux is the product that created the term LiveCdOs.

For WindowsOperatingSystems LiveCdOs equivalent, check out The author said his work received uninvited comments from MS manager, including legality. Anyone who have experience on this option please share it here.

Also see NoBootdiskRequired

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