Lord Of The Rings Part Three

Just swept the Oscars, winning 11 of 11 awards for which it was nominated, including BestPicture? and BestDirector?. (Many view the awards as applying to the whole trilogy). Given all the commentary here on Wiki regarding the first two films (especially all the flames from the Tolkienistas proclaiming Jackson's opus to be among the worst films ever made, on par with PlanNineFromOuterSpace), it is surprising that ReturnOfTheKing? has evoked nary a peep here.

I loved the films (all three). So what if they weren't 100% congruent with Tolkien's vision. They are fine films nonetheless; and I'm generally of the opinion that when a work is translated from one medium to another (ie from book to film), the director is entitled to interpret the piece how he/she likes; if I want something that is 100% like the book then I'll read the book.

So there. :)

-- ScottJohnson

FTR: I liked it. -- TheerasakPhotha

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