Lynx Browser

Lynx is a TextModeBrowser. It is excellent, fast, and allows access to the Web from almost anywhere. No JavaScript, JavaApplets, ActiveX or other fancy stuff... just plain HTML and CascadingStyleSheets, for universal access.


Lynx for UnitTesting Web pages

Given that Lynx appears to be OpenSource, mightn't we hot-wire it to help UnitTest Web pages?

You could, but I'd think there would be easier ways to UnitTest Web pages.

I'm not sure how you would use Lynx to test Web pages. You mean via "lynx -dump"? Or do you mean CGI scripts? Lynx is good because it allows ShellScripts to pipe in and out text.

If you mean syntax, use WebLint and OperaBrowser.

One potential hotwire: Get inside the source and instrument the point where a page finishes displaying (the equivalent of the "OnNavigateEnd" event) and use the AbstractTemplate? DesignPattern in its "hook" sub-pattern to call a pluggable script you wrote.

Then, to test a Web-page round-trip, you'd command Lynx to point to a page, wait for that hook to call your script, and in the script read the Web page & verify its data.


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