Man In Black

The Man in Black is the hero of WilliamGoldman's novel ThePrincessBride. Originally, he was a simple farmboy employed by the parents of Buttercup (our story's heroine). After a short courtship, Westley (the farmboy, played by CaryElwes) and Buttercup realized that they were in love, true love (that rarest of happenings). Realizing that he could not support Buttercup in the needed manner, Westley set off for America to seek his fortune. As luck would have it, his ship was attacked by the DreadPirateRoberts (who never takes prisoners) and Westley wasn't heard from again. Buttercup, when she heard the news, was devastated and swore to "never love again". At about this time, she was found by Prince Humperdink who took her to be his wife (hence the title of the story).

Westley went to America? Been a while since I've seen TPB, but I don't recall any real-life locales being mentioned - the two countries mentioned (Guilder and Florin) are types of currency.

[It's in the book. He left for America to make his fortune so he could marry Buttercup, but was waylayed by the Dread Pirate Roberts. So no, technically he never went to America.]

I don't recall if it's ever mentioned in the film where Westley traveled to; however, Vinzinni refers to himself as Sicilian, while Montoya is from Spain, presumably in or near Toledo (where the finest swords in Europe were made at one time). It is likely that the book had quite a few details which were skipped in the film.

Don't forget that Fezzik was found by Vincini, unemployed! In Greenland!

Actually, there are numerous anachronistic references (for humorous effect) to modern locales scattered throughout the film. IIRC, MiracleMax? muses about retiring to Florida or some other place popular with oldsters looking for a sunny climate. Thanks for the reminder.

Also, a nickname for the great Country and Western singer Johnny Cash.

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