Management By Drive By Shooting

A style of management that is certain to be familiar to some:

You're sitting on your (figurative) front porch, rocking lazily in the porch swing, being productive, writing great code, enjoying yourself. It's a wonderful evening.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, your management pulls up fast in an enormous car, rolls the window down, and sprays you (and possibly your whole team) with (again, figurative) bullets. You collapse on the ground, destroyed, all productivity stopped, your work required to change direction arbitrarily and heedlessly -- dictums from nowhere with no sense, completely arbitrary, that nevertheless require you to do everything totally differently.

You pick yourself up, somehow manage to stanch the bleeding, and get back up. After some time, you settle back down; the abrupt change in your plans works itself out, and you manage to recover from the catastrophe.

You're productive for another week or so, until, one evening, you're sitting on your (figurative) front porch, rocking lazily...

Hey! I just left an employer in Calabasas that worked that way! How do companies run like this stay in business? Why do employees continue to work for such companies?

How can an employee change such management styles to something more positive? See ChangeYourOrganization for that.

Maybe we need a Wiki page of ToxicEmployers ... it could list the employer name and city with the nefarious practices within CategoryManagement that it preaches. This might open the Wiki up to a lawsuit, of course. But it might hold some employers accountable as well.

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