Marco Abis

I founded the first and biggest Italian developers web site in 1999. I worked for many years as a consultant in software development & project management in Italy & Switzerland and, in 2000, I founded an ICT company (I'm the Chief Technology Officer). I'm coordinating the Italian Agile Movement (, the official Italian Agile User Group (listed in the Agile Alliance User Group directory).

In the last few years, I studied the chaos theory for my pleasure in my spare time but one day, as in a lightning flash, I realized that it was applicable to software development and I started looking for someone who shared my "revelation" :-), I found Jim's 'Adaptive Software Development' and some others like K. J. Dooley 'A Complex Adaptive Systems Model of Organisation Change' and T. Peters 'Thriving on Chaos, Handbook for a Management Revolution'. I discovered then the AgileManifesto (and the AgileAlliance) and now here I am. :-)

In 2003 I have been elected as member of the AgileAlliance board of directors.

You can contact me at or

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