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Martin Dixon is currently (5/2005) an enthusiastic student of Computer Science/Software Engineering. He isn't a blogger, nor a great Wiki afficionado(?) as of yet, but is currently becoming enthralled by the concept and reality of Wiki's. And intends to go and enthrall himself some more. After he figures out the significance of writing this kind of thing purely in the third person. Ahem.

Why I Stumbled Into Wiki or How Wiki Got Me:

Extreme Programming is now an examinable subject. Surprisingly enough, the content of such courses is only so captivating. The interweb is always much more enthralling, and this seemed to be a nice place to start. How very wrong. The main reason i've been got is my inability to not attempt to assimilate complex systems, and I can't imagine much more complexity than a system such as Wiki, where the very functional rules are/seem freely morphable by the entities in the system. Hello to all you entities.

What I Think About Wiki:

About Me:

I'm Scottish. In my 3rd year of Glasgow University, in Scotland. An ardent, if no longer militant, atheist (Militant in a purely methaphorical sense. Weird how you don't seem to get that many physically militant atheists.) A slight musical elitist. A juggler, of sorts. Someone who loves programming. Currently a big fan of Java, but I want to give C++ a proper go. A bass player. Owner of an addictive personality, but one that i'm aware of.

Here's a question. Do people actually read these things in general? Lets see - stick a name below the line if you've trawled through this drivel.

Welcome to Wiki. May I recommend StartingPoints? -- a WikiGnome ;)

I've trawled -- NeilSantos?

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