Martin Spamer

Martin Spamer [spâ-mer]

You can visit my own Software Architecture wiki at or contacted me by email at martin [at] MyMyersBriggsTypeIs - ENTP - Rational Inventor, though typically very borderline on the E/I scale - 100% Geek, a label I wear with pride. I live in Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire, UK. This is England but consider myself British (EnglishOrBritish).

I current work as a TestAutomation? Consultant. In the past I've worked as a TechnicalArchitect at the BritishLibrary designing a DigitalPreservation? & ResourceDiscovery systems and previously SoftwareArchitect & SoftwareEngineer for ecommerce, new media project, VideoOnDemand?, InteractiveDigitalTelevision?. My personal pet projects is An open source project multicast over WiFi .

Pages i follow:

AbsentProxy AsymmetricalCode CabalDesignProcess ChangeYourOrganization CommandObject DisciplineEnvy EngineeringPrinciples JavaUnitIsEvil PrinciplesOfObjectOrientedDesign IterativeDevelopment MetcalfesLaw MultiCaster ObjectOrientedDesignIsDifficult ObjectRelationalImpedanceMismatch ReplaceConditionalWithPolymorphism ResourceDescriptionFramework ReuseHasFailed SoftwareEngineer UnskilledAndUnawareOfIt

 Yes, Spamer really is my RealName; 
 Yes, mis-using my name really does irritate me;
 Yes, it does cause me no end of grief;
 Yes, I've heard all the wise cracks before;
 No, I don't find them funny;
 No, I refuse to be bullied into using an alias.

Read my brother's thoughts on the Spamer name issue here:

Long, long ago, I had a girlfriend named "Faith", and a surprising number of people found it irresistible to pun on her name or otherwise call attention to its meaning as an English word. Her response varied, but my favorite was "What? Oh! I get it! My name is also a word! I never noticed. How clever of you." :-)


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