Meta Baby

MetaBaby is Wiki without the wiki markup language. You can add arbitrary HTML-code to MetaBaby via an edit-control and create arbitrary subdirectories and pages.

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A few years ago, I was in a primitive, mountainous area of Mexico. All of a sudden, our guide slammed on the brakes of his vehicle and said, "Look! It's a Mata baby!" Everyone in the car craned to see what this strange animal was causing all the excitement. Random questions such as "Where is it?" floated by until someone finally asked the question that was on all of our minds:

"What's a Mata baby?"

Our guide then says, "Nothin', baby, how 'bout you?"

"Hey George, it's your favorite neighbor! Say, George, there's some snoo out on your front lawn..."

Argh... WorstPunEver.
Can only be described as extreme wiki. It lets you edit and paste straight html including JavaScript and VbScript. While potentially dangerous this does let you share live programs assuming you know scripting, a WikiWithProgrammableContent. Make your own local backup of anything you spend time on things get deleted and there is no history (there is newest, oldest and complete list but once a link goes it disappears from all of them). To add a new page literally add as in the address bar of your browser it asks if you want to create if not existing.
It currently has a WardsWiki RecentChanges 5 second auto refresh (using META tag) at

If it is gets deleted the following short html is what makes it work (can be repasted:)

  <TITLE>Refreshes every 5 Seconds</TITLE>
  <META NAME="Description" CONTENTS="Refreshes Newest every 10 Seconds" 
  http-equiv="refresh" content="5"
    <FRAME NAME="f1" SRC="">

MetaBaby (MB) is mostly for the RightBrain?, WardsWiki (WW) for the LeftBrain?. WW persists, MB is transient. MB is the opposite end of the continuum from

See also: ReflectiveWiki, WikiLikeThing, JavaScriptEnabledWiki

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