Michael Chermside

Michael Chermside is a fairly new visitor to this place. He'll improve his page as he goes along. Or maybe he won't... these days he rarely hangs out here. Please put any comments for him on this page anyway. You can also see his blog at http://mcherm.com/

He was much noisier when he first came to Wiki, but then calmed down now, did more reading than writing. Later he mostly abandoned the place. But not completely. In his spare (non programming) time, he likes to play RolePlayingGames.

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Comments For Michael:

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Or just mail me at mcherm @ mcherm.com
Stray notes I should clean up:

Notes on Wikki

It seemed like a good idea to use this page as a place for storing my own personal notes ABOUT Wikki. Or at least it seemed like a good idea at the time. After trying it for a while, I may get rid of it.

Pages I started:


Pages I'm supposed to go back and clean up:

WhenIsManifestTypingConsideredaGoodThing (see how much can be deleted since it exists in TypesAreContracts), ThreadsConsideredHarmful, WikiMoinMoinReviewZeroFive,

Pages I edited recently: (Go back to these and see how the discussion progressed.)

MathQuizThree, SaneSubset,

Pages I would like to go back to:

JavaIdioms, CrossingChasms (Pattern language for object=>RDBMS), MathWiki, MyBestProgrammingMoment, ChangeYourOrganizationDiary

Pages for getting around:

FindPage, TopTen, WikiList, RandomPages, http:wikiNames

Pages I will need to use as a reference:


Pages well worth linking to: (I should try to link to these in my writing, because I think they're valuable pages.)

OneRealWorldLoggingSystem, DesignByContract, ExtremeProgrammingChallengeFourteen, TheSpottedZebra, SamuraiPrinciple, MagicNumbers, MyMindKeepsWandering,

Thoughts about what I might contribute in the future: (Don't pay too much heed to this.)


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