Microsoft Access Without Jet

Why Current Attempts To Evolve Access Without Jet Lack Lustre

The whole issue can get quite emotionally charged because evolving MicrosoftAccess without the JetDatabaseEngine is not a simple matter of technology, it drastically affects the livelihood, joie de vivre of some very passionate people.

Since Jet is intertwined with the .mdb format, let's discuss the new format - the .adp - which has no Jet. After some development experience with .adp, here are some points of concern:

To understand about some of these breaks in transparency read: "Microsoft Access Projects with Microsoft SQL Server" by Microsoft Press (there is a story about why "Microsoft" has to be in every name <grin>) by Albrecht and Nicol.

-- AnandaSim

But See InspectEvalFileFormat


To each, his own

But seriously, the Dictionary object is also available in VisualBasicForApplications, VisualBasic or anything that can consume the VbScript - ScriptingDictionary? object. This is equivalent to the Perl associative array and real cool.


Can VB inspect and eval? I don't know. You might want to check out WhyVisualBasic or CategoryVisualBasic .

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