Microsoft Office Year Oh Seven

Has anybody tried MS-Office 2007? Did you like the new MicrosoftRibbonInterface? I don't see that it improves anything enough to justify deviating from common standards, and hogging screen real estate. The "File" and "Edit" menus are common conventions across applications and now they are gone. Where the hell is "Select All"? (Good thing Ctrl-A still works). As a rule of thumb, don't overhaul a well-treaded interface unless there is a significant gain. Or at least make the old one an option switch. What do you think MS's motivation was?

I use it. It's on all the workstations at work except my office Linux box, which has the vastly-preferable OpenOffice 3.0. The new interface was initially somewhat irritating, then it became really irritating. Finally, I got used to it and now it's slightly irritating. Apparently, the "why" is explained here:

I haven't watched the presentation, because I don't care. Knowing why isn't going to make it any less irritating, is it?

But it can make for MentalMasturbation.

I suppose, if you're into that sort of thing.

You get used to it though, and in the end it's not actually that different from other editions of Office or even OpenOffice, except for all the dumb quirks. It's just another menu. And the next edition will change as well.
See also MicrosoftOffice, OneNote.

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