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MicrosoftUnix is a page on information sharing of Unix experience under the Influence :)

Here are some choices for WindowsXp (pro version) or WindowsTwoThousand:

  1. MicrosoftServicesForUnix (SFU) (No cost, but proprietary)
  2. CygWin (OpenSource)
  3. UWIN ( (OpenSource)
  4. The MKS Toolkit ( ($$$, Proprietary)

There are of course other ways, using the likes of MsVirtualPc or VmWare. Or set up a multiboot system. I do not know of any good reason why this costly (at least in time) step is necessary.

Note it was reported MicrosoftServicesForUnix can be installed side-by-side with CygWin. But do you really want it done that way?

Reasons for using CygWin over MicrosoftServicesForUnix

Reasons for using MicrosoftServicesForUnix over CygWin

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