Mike Beedle

I wear many hats: coach managers, coach architects, mentor programmers, develop code, test, or talk to C-level executives (CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CPOs, CGOs, etc.). I do whatever it takes to deliver value to the customer and complete projects.

I use Scrum (http://www.agilescrum.com), BalancedAgility? (http://www.balancedagility.com), or XBreed (http://www.xbreed.net) to develop software, with a high-dosage of OpenSource tools: CVS, Apache, Tomcat, Bugzilla, etc.; and practices: http://www.dreamsongs.com/NewFiles/JiniCommunityPL.pdf

I have done Scrum since 1995. Most of the appliations we develop as of late are J2EE applications.

Favorite Programming tools: EmacsEditor, Eclipse (EclipseIde). I like Emacs more to program in Lisp (specially with SLIME http://www.cliki.net/Slime), Haskell, Curry, Erlang or C++ but I like EclipseIde to program in Java.

I am interested in a lot of stuff like agents; functional programming; logical programming; pattern-oriented programming languages; the theory of software and patterns; Agile Methods like SCRUM, XP; lofty things like business architecures (BPR, KM, supply-chain management, workflow, etc.); complexity science; and Physics. The items on this list are curiously related ;-)

Sometimes I play with JlisaRuleEngine at night.

More stuff about me at and what I like and care about:

I have a wicked sense of humor:

My favorite Wiki page:

        * HomoiconicLanguages

Email me here:

mailto:beedlem_AT_hipaaccelerator.com mailto:beedlem_AT_e-architects.com

I am one of the authors of the AgileAlliance's manifesto and a founding member of the AgileAlliance:

Did I mention I own a couple of companies?

Adapt, be Agile, or else be left behind....

Also one of the authors of the ScrumBook.
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