Movies That Could Have Been So Much Better

The sad thing is he actually bring up a bunch of really really interesting themes, but in the end, he goes for the weakest one
  • I'm thinking of re-editing a version where the eKid teams up with Jar Jar Binks. Seriously, though, I think someday it will become a cult classic in the way comparable to Plan-9: fun to spoof, tinker with, and re-cast in different ways.
  • Re: "It should have ended when he attempts suicide" - But who wants to go see a movie about a kid committing suicide? It could have been decent if it ended with the kid finding a world/colony made up of all androids, like himself. And as a bonus, his "mother" could have been scanned and digitized into an android (ScannedBrainSimulation) and he finds her unexpectedly in the colony in a joyous reunion. And I agree with the "too many themes" problem. AI and twisted evil carnivals and frozen Earth and aliens and (possible) time-travel. It's like 5 episodes of StarTrek in a blender. -t

When going through the core I took it to be merely going a few hundred meters beneath the surface through a maze of water channels. Replace 'core' with 'underground channels'. This could have been annotated in the film better: "Through the core, master?" "Not really, we will be using an underground water system to bypass an impassable mountain range."

I see the Star Wars series as one of the best escapist tools. They take you away (far far away in a...) so that you don't have to think about your own problems for 2 hours. If you start to approach them like a software development project, trying to figure out how all the peices will go together, then you have not escaped and you might as well be back in the cubicle. The worlds are strange enough that there is enough mental wiggle room to make it not have to make Earthly sense. The thing behind Jar Jar is that he had the force with him so that things bounced his way even though he was clumsy. That was the fun of it. People didn't "get it" and thought the lucky accidents too unrealistic. It is a plot twist not found very often, making it fresh. --top
  1. Obviously spoken by someone who has never read any of the franchised Star Wars novels, novellas, novelettes, or short stories. There are a handful of perfectly adequate writers creating Star Wars stories that read better than the films view. Timothy Zahn's depiction of Lando Calrission, in particular, makes the reader wonder where the heck this guy was when the movies were being filmed. Lando leaps off the page and into life as a full-fledged character, not some two dimensional foil for Han Solo. The books are better than the movies. Fewer special effects, but better tales.
  2. Oh, yes it is. Terrible movie. One must read its Wiki page to catch some appreciation of this.

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