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See CowboyMovies too (...if you're into that kind of thing. ;-)

BTW, it would make MUCH more sense to have InterWiki links to InternetMovieDatabases.

Consider moving the MoviesToConsider to a movie Wiki?

Even if I knew who was paying for those "reviews", I'd still MUCH rather read commentary by fellow programmers with more than two brain cells to rub together. --PhlIp

Personally, I don't find movie commentary useful AT ALL unless I personally know the person who makes it. That's because what movies one likes depends upon one's philosophy of life, and most people's philosophies give them ulteriour motives to promote movies which are total crap. Being a programmer has no bearing on this issue. -- DanielKnapp

Why would one want to promote crap movies? (I can think of some reasons, but they might not be the same as yours...)

Isn't there a way to give personal ratings, and if you stumble apon one that you like, you could check out other movies rated by the person, ones by personal groupings. . . I am thinking like a peer to peer movie rating system.

And if you wish to BUY a used movie -- for half price or less -- see HalfDotCom

Of course you'd want to know -- MoviesWorthBuying.

This sure is a big list. But is it a useful one? (See WikiGreatFoobarLists)

I think no. We should delete the page and start over again. PlanToThrowOneAway.

I liked that movie this summer where the Good Guy got chased around by a lot of CGI...

See also: BadAssVillain, CategoryMovie
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