Mozilla Technology

MozillaTechnology used in TheMozillaProject was one of the biggest OpenSource projects, behind OpenOffice and Gnome, and much bigger than Linux). Initial information in this page is sourced from the article at

It is said WindowsLonghorn will incorporate technology very similar to things already in MozillaTechnology. Compare:
  1. GeckoEngine -- (contrast vector based MS Avalon)
    • a layout and (bit-mapped) rendering engine
  2. Necko -- (contrast MicrosoftIndigo)
    • a high level networking library
  3. XpCom -- (contrast DotNet framework)
  4. various Xml integration tools -- contrast Microsoft XAML and use of XmlSchema
The paper noted a few significant variances, including the inclusion of SoapProtocol in WindowsLonghorn, and MozillaTechnology of Html based syntax (Soap object has to be explicitly created).

"contrast" is an apropos word -- these are apples-and-oranges comparisons if I've ever seen them. Gecko vs Avalon? XPCOM and .NET? About the only comparable technologies are XAML and XUL

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