Mr Guru Coder

A DramaticIdentity.

Used for short quips to counter anti-nerd sentiments.

From DontRepeatYourself:

Notice that the requirement does not specify an upper domain. So modified the test for random values > 0. This way Mr. Guru Coder doesn't get lazy and implement any complex if statement. If statement nothing. A guard clause and a table lookup. -- MrGuruCoder

In HighSchool, I played in "Reach for the Top" with some of my nerd buddies. The following (or something close) exchange took place for one math question:

Coach: "Okay, what's [some long math formula involving an integral]?"
Me (buzzing in, hoping I can figure it out in my head): "Umm... two fifths."
Coach: "Incorrect."
My buddy (buzzing in): "One sixth."
Coach: "Correct."
Me: "Oh, two fifths, one sixth... What's the difference?"
My buddy (quick as lighting): "Seven thirtieths."


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