My Java Course

This is a page that serves as a sort of homepage for a Java course ("Advanced Java: Programming with APIs") that I'm teaching at UC Berkeley Extension this semester (and again, in an "intensive" version and again, in August-- I'm an OO guy and therefore into reuse).

Class Notes: For those who are curious, the class lecture slides can be found at

People who download them and read them should feel free to give feedback. Especially if you want to tell me I've made an error (either technical or pedagogical).

Class Question:

WardCunningham suggested that class members warm up on wiki by contributing comments to this page, and also by answering WardsJavaQuestion.

Class Specific Jump-List:

A list of wiki pages I think are good starting points for the class, including several I cited when grading class homeworks, can be found on MyJavaStudents.



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