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NamePage describes a page for "Wiki persons of interest" such as: CategoryAuthor and CategoryPerson, who are not WikiUsers. WikiUsers have HomePages: WikiHomePage and CategoryHomePage.

New Discussion: [6-25-2009]

Actually, let's not be too hasty about this, as this needs some thought and discussion. WikiUsers have HomePages as in CategoryHomePage, but authors and other persons of interest as in CategoryAuthor and CategoryPerson, would not have HomePages if not a WikiUser, but would instead have NamePages. WikiUsers have HomePages that they update and use for communication with other WikiUsers. Wiki persons of interest have only NamePages where WikiUsers keep information about that person.

Also some of the backlinks were on a page where the person had chosen to use NamePage rather than HomePage. That is their choice and in my view deserves some respect. -- JohnFletcher
Old content and discussion below: [prior to: 6-25-2009]
NamePage is a suggested synonym for HomePage in this Wiki. DeletionCandidate: only 8 uses
DeleteThisPageSomeTime - backlinks mostly fixed ...
I've fixed those BackLinks for you. If there are no more come tomorrow, I'll mark this page for deletion.

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