Network Security

Anyone putting a computer on a network needs to have some understanding of NetworkSecurity. SecurityIsHard. First management needs to be made aware of the potential problems (easier than it used to be) and needs to say the magic words "IwannaLearnComputerSecurity"; then effective SecurityManagement can begin.
Some sub-categories that could be expounded on (EditHint):






IpV6 security, gain some and lose some

IPv6 includes the IpSec suite of security protocols developed by the IETF (InternetEngineeringTaskForce).

OTOH, an unauthorised IPV6 router connected into the network using a wireless mechanism can attempt to redefine itself as the default router

Perhaps the biggest drawback of using IpV6 scheme is that 2004 software (e.g. ICF FireWall from MicrosoftCorporation) cannot work (e.g. filtering ) on Ipv6 traffic.

Resources for advancing NetworkSecurity

See also WirelessSecurity CategorySecurity

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