Never Come Back

[Part of the NegotiatingPatternLanguage]

Often times, meeting a party for negotiations is inconvenient. Many car dealers, recruiters, etc. won't negotiate over the phone, seeking instead to NegotiateOnFriendlyGround (or even in the showroom--as one car salesman once told me, "out here, the price for this car is <MSRP>. If you want to discuss a different price, step into my office.").

One way to deal with this is to NeverComeBack. If you do come back, it likely means you couldn't find a better offer elsewhere, and the other party has you at an advantage. So instead, give the other party only one chance (meaning one session, not one offer) to negotiate.

Unfortunately, this subjects you to the BeautyContestProblem.

Many salespeople will expect you to NeverComeBack, and try to CloseTheDealQuickly.


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