Next Big Thing

The object of corporate techno-lust. Changes from year to year.

Next Big Things through the years

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Those that were too gradual to place in a year or need more research

Guesses for the the NextBigThing in software:

I think:

I agree, but the thing after that is an expert system driven generator. About time that domain knowledge got systematized. Then we can stop worrying about bricks and get on with buildings. -- RIH.

Video Phones.

We'll have giant screens in our houses; we will be able to operate the camera, the image will be crystal-clear and this is where the fun starts: we'll have a new concept in our society: a virtual companionship. We'll be able to put a little camera on our forehead and our friend sitting at his computer anywhere in the world will be with us during our trip, our walking around in the house. He'll be our virtual companion.

Dig this: Grand-Pa in Detroit city will be able to accompany his son and his grand-daughter to the park, the circus, the swimming pool in Florida. We'll be in front of our screen and we'll be able to walk around with someone in Venice, New-York city, Rough and Ready Texas, anywhere. Those walking around with a camera will have a virtual companion with them.

Have I seen this before in real life? Yes circa 1992. The ever inventive funny guy DaveLetterman? was sending a camera crew on the street to look for Swedish women. Dave was able to talk to them while remaining in his studio. I am sure this is an indication of things to come in the next ten years.

The bad part? More and more people will live as hermits. See the Belgian movie "Thomas is in love"; the guy suffers from agoraphobia and hasn't gone out since 8 years. He communicates through videophone exclusively, he has his food delivered to his house, he does cyber sex. The most interesting part: he is very together, more together than those who go out...

Right now it seems to be all things with the word "Enterprise" in 'em. (EnterpriseApplication)

This is not a coincidence; it's the result of a carefully coordinated marketing campaign begun by DesiLu studios in 1965.

:-) :-) :-) --AlanFrancis

Has "Visual Enterprise++.Net" come out yet? That would signal the pinnacle of the movement.

Its sales were stolen by FooOneOhOneInSevenDaysForDummiesInaNutshellSuperBibleUnleashed.

Enterprise, schmenterprise. I'm getting really sick of "frameworks" really fast. Here it's 2006 and it seems everything I'm supposed to get excited about is a "framework". People can't even agree on what a "framework" is [DefinitionOfFramework], and so the word gets applied willy-nilly as people get more and more excited. Enough with the "frameworks", already.

Funny reading this, as I was using UseNet 'links' to an ftp site to download music in 1993 (any old guitar junkies remember OLGA on So I guess peer-to-peer Internet file sharing was invented then :) I got all of the .wav's of Rush's "Counterparts" album before it was released.

I'm seeing a lot of hype about the CellProcessor here in 2005-2006.

How is it significantly different from the TMS320C80 MVP (multimedia video processor)? That MVP has been produced by TI since before 1996 (over 10 years ago). The TMS320C80 MVP includes a 32 bit RISC master processor, and 4 parallel DSP processors (64 bit instruction words, 32 bit integer units that can be used for 8 bit SIMD ops).

Why isn't Rapport's "KC256" chip getting 32 times as much press as the CellProcessor? -- DavidCary

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