Noel Verhoeven

Hello dear fellow SoftwareLovers?:

I'm a HumbleProgrammer and HumbleRefactorer, SoftwareArchitect/GroupLead? with Alcatel.

Since I've found this Web site after reading ThePragmaticProgrammer from AndrewHunt & DavidThomas I'm trying to get my team enthusiastic for some of the ideas found in there and also on this Web site, especially ExtremeProgramming and UnitTest (JavaUnit / xUnit).

Sorry I'm not an elegant coder. I try but it just ends up working ugly.

I used to be interested in the following topics for my day to day work as GroupLead? at the Milpitas site in California. Now that I am more involved in erecting telecom architectures in a research site of Alcatel in Paris (and not software per se), I'm interested in these during the spare free hours I get after work ;-)

Other things I'd like besides computers and software is Yoga (also before work ;-), playing drums, riding my motorcycle, hiking & camping, reading, loving my wife, son Ruben and daughter Elianne. And, not to forget!, in this list shouldn't be omitted of course his one and only fantastic brother!! (a workflow management/casehandling consultant that can't get enough of some serious (bass)clarinet and saxophone playing shit) who loves his big bro dearly.


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