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Phone/PDA hybrids running the SymbianOs, such as the 9210

Oooh, yeah; I can't wait for the equivalent 9290 to be released in NorthAmerica.

Hopefully they'll have fixed the problems with cell handover and having to hard reset the machine from time to time by then.

Early reports suggest that Nokia have missed the mark with the 9210. There are some nice features in the software, and a nice colour screen, but no pointing device. All navigation on the GUI is by buttons and many people find this difficult to deal with. And the form factor is terrible.

The Nokia 9210 is now (3Q2001) Western Europe's number one personal organiser, with shipments exceeding both Palm and Compaq's iPaq (this info comes from a Wall Street Journal article). --DavidPrice (who works for Nokia, and uses a 9210)
I get paid to write apps for the 9210 in Java, and I like it. it's more powerful than I expected, less stable than I would like, but all in all worthwhile. I wish I had more access to the mobile phone side from JTAPI, but hopefully that will improve. The software has had a major update just before Aug 2001, large enough that it requires sending in the phone itself. I look forward to a much improved phone after that update.

This rant is from 2009. I have since gone to an HTC Tilt 2 running WinMob? 6.5. The pissed-offness remains, however.


I recently updated the OS firmware on my E90 here in the USA. The update was done about a month ago. Immediately my Motorola HT820 headset stopped working because the phone wouldn't recognize it. You see, Nokia screwed me with the update. This seems nuts to me, but I just got done talking with a Nokia CS rep on Saturday, and this is what he told me:

My E90 has been updated with a firmware package that will no longer support any Bluetooth devices that are not from Nokia. Additionally, I cannot revert my E90 firmware to a previous version. Additionally, I can't even report the version of firmware because all the service codes have been deactivated.

My argument was that the E90 was advertised as a Bluetooth-capable device, but chopping support for third party Bluetooth devices violates the specification; therefore, Nokia could not claim the E90 is a "Bluetooth" device. Okay, says the CS rep. We will no longer list Bluetooth as a feature of the E90.

What is this crap?!? Suppose that you bought a Dell computer with a regular keyboard, then added a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse desktop to it. The desktop worked flawlessly until you got an "update" from Dell, at which time it stopped working. Dell tells you that their computers will no longer support any wireless devices other than their own, and you can't back the change out. Now what? Your $120 desktop is useless, and Dell assumes no responsibility. Would you be miffed?

Well, this is exactly what Nokia has done to me. I think I have the grounds for a class action lawsuit here. Nokia stole from me by retroactively removing functionality they had in place to sell me the unit originally. To replace that functionality I have to buy additional Nokia crap?!? I intend to find an ambulance chasing law firm who will take this case on contingency, then go after Nokia for big punative damages.

What a bunch of scumbags are Nokia. I will forever pan their products and their customer disservice.

-- MartySchrader [4 Oct 10]

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