Non Coffee Drinker

A lot of people drink coffee... some do not.

The non coffee drinker pattern is usually noted when someone shouts: what a silly name for a programming language! Java?

Get with it!

As with NonAlcoholDrinker people, the NonCoffeeDrinker doesn't quite fit into society.. especially the programming society.

A NonCoffeeDrinker might choose herbal tea, juice, hot carob, hot cocoa (maybe even KombuchaTea - if it weren't for the ridiculous claims made).

Problems With Coffee

Personally, I find coffee makes me cold and puts me into a weird (but not major) feeling of fear and anxiety. After about 3-5 hours I don't feel any buzz and may be more tired than if I had just avoided the coffee. Having more coffee doesn't always postpone the feeling of tiredness (it can in fact make you feel like you need sleep, but you feel awake - which is a horrible feeling). When I really do want a nap, I can't have one because - I can't sleep due to the coffee (even though my body wants to have a nap)!

I've been able to stay up for 24 hours using psychology and programming pleasure alone, without coffee. I don't recommend staying up for 24 hours often, but it can help occasionally - and it can be done without coffee for sure. In fact, one of the keys in staying up is simply keeping warm (sweater, house coat, etc). As you get colder at night when you are tired (maybe something to do with immune system) you feel like heading off to a warm cozy bed. Coffee, can make you feel cold and awake - a not so good mixture! Especially in winter climate. The initial buzz of the coffee going into the body makes you feel warm for a few minutes, until it then turns into a slight (or major) cold sweat. Well, the cold feeling makes you shake your keys and mouse for a while - until you then feel like going to bed a few minutes/hours later when you are freezing and bored.

In other words, I find coffee sort of over-hyped.. it doesn't allow me to continually focus for long periods - rather it seems to be a short term fix that doesn't always fix me at all.

Occasional Use Can Be Useful

When coffee is consumed occasionally, it is more powerful anyway. For example one builds up a resistance to caffeine if it is consumed daily. Whereas if coffee is used on occasion, the body isn't resistant to it and sees it as new substance coming in, whoa whoa!. A group of cyclists or marathon runners will notice a significant increase in endurance if they take coffee occasionally since it opens up lung airways and restricts blood vessels to increase readiness and heart rate. One study I read showed something ridiculous like a 5-20 percent performance increase when coffee/caffeine was taken before the marathon/cycle run. If the cyclists or marathoners are regular coffee drinkers, they will not notice this increase in performance by having coffee, since they have built up a resistance to it.

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