Not Used Here

I think ideas NotUsedHere can be discussed here, even it they are not used here. Ideas NotUsedHere may be a GoodThing when applied to a PersonalWiki or other WikiSpaces. Do not take it that because something is NotUsedHere, that it is necessarily not to be discussed here or used quite profitably elsewhere.

For Example:

It is a GoodThing to enable IntutitiveBrowsing? through an IdeaSpace? which happens to use WikiDevices such as WikiPhrases?, WikiGroups, WikiTags, WikiBadges? and WikiTokens? in your own ControlledAndDefined? PersonalWiki.

If movement through a Wiki IdeaSpace? is helped by the use of WikiDevices such as these and they are not handicapping the movement in the space where they are placed, it would be a handicap, not to use them.


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