Notes Wiki

Simple WikiClone, implemented as a LotusNotes database. Uses a web interface and can not be used through the Notes client.

Currently supports only simple WikiFormatting because LotusScript is very bad at parsing text (and I don't have time to write a RegExp parser in LotusScript).

-- Check out -- MattSimpson

Looks good, and looks better than my work ;-)

Beewiki is back up thanks to the guys at Croydon College. I've redirected there. -- MarkLawson

NotesWiki has been in use now for a couple of months on a CorporateIntranet? and runs quite stable. Unfortunately, nobody seems to use it... ;-(

-- That's because if you build it, it is not necessarily true that they will come. You need to use WikiMethod -- MattSimpson

I have put together a version that I can release. It's not polished, but it works. Go to to download the NSF file. -- JensChristianFischer

We abandoned LotusScript for the parsing reasons. It was simpler to create a version using Java agents and the gnu.regexp library. If you want to see how we did it, you can download our GPL'd Domino wiki engine from

The main problem we have is people getting away from the normal threaded conversation into the wiki style of things. We've also had to put in some security and permissions to soothe the corporate mind.

-- MarkLawson

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