Novell Corporation

Makers of NetWare? and GroupWise. Recently acquired SuSE, so now are also distributors of SuseLinux. Like SCO, claim to be the legitimate copyright holders to the System V source code.


Some rumors suggested that MicroSoft employees often referred to the "NT" in Windows NT as "NetWare? Terminator".

"I heard the joke about Novell recently; it said if Novell had invented Sushi they wouldn't have sold it on the basis of its fine traditions, exquisite craftsmanship or the quality of the ingredients, they would have called it cold dead fish."
-- Dr Carl Ledbetter, Novell's CTO and Senior VP

Sponsor of the MonoProject.

I like Novell's idea behind OpenSource code and letting the people decide functionality. It parallels what we are doing here with Wiki – open forum type communities. I like it, however can you make money with OpenSource anything? I guess that remains to be seen. I am not yet convinced. I think that Novell will lead the world to better IT not because of their mission but because their competitive applications will drive Microsoft to build better products. Dan


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