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NysLte is a PersonalInformationManager allows the easy creation and maintenance of HyperLinkedPages? with included pages which contain words, compound words and other Hyper-linking words as well as some of TheOtherThings. DoingStuff.DonaldNoyes.20141113
It is being used and refined, having just recently been selected as the approach used in the development of a program for release soon. Also useful from either version will be the ability to connect to sites using a SpecialCharacterPrefixProtocol as shorthand markers for site basic urls.

I have been using several versions of NysLte over the past six years In addition to being able Current Version undergoing InProcessPlanning:

I have been planning and thinking about a program which uses a flat text linking environment, which I have named "NysLte" consisting of pages within categorized topic spaces. It is a program which uses the environment and process to aid in its own development as well as for use in TheOtherThings. It is this characteristic which allows one to define and extend notions, ideas, structures, and processes, restructuring and making code changes to enable new features and to extend old ones. This is one of the strong points of this process.

I can pick up where I left off in this process by creating a TagWord? on the page, named something like: "IWorkedHereLast". Since this program can be used for organizing information one would want to link together, its usage scope can be huge. When plans for linking to external processes (which will follow as target of Version 2015), the scope will include in its reach, the entire internet, as well as links to other development venues using processes which are called ArtiFactories?. These are maintained in existing, reachable and usable locales.

-- DonaldNoyes.20141022.20141113


Different concepts of Spaces containing Information

InformationSpace is defined as the set of concepts and relations among them held by an information system. This is as compared to CognitiveSpace, which is the set of concepts and relations among them held by a human
The Semantic Web offers exciting possibilities for information retrieval (IR). In order to succeed, however, it is necessary to map between the differing schema, metadata standards, namespaces and so forth used by documents on the Semantic Web. © the author, 2002. Updated: 9th July 2002
Screen Example of 2010 - now obsolete version of NysLte
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