Nys Lte

NysLte is a PersonalInformationManager allows the easy creation and maintenance of HyperLinkedPages? with included pages which contain words, compound words and other Hyper-linking words as well as some of TheOtherThings.

It is being used and refined, having just recently been selected as the approach used in the development of a program for release soon. More on its development and a coming public release of a free version. A more advanced version will be available for license which includes some nice additional features allowing the creation of unlimited Category Spaces and unlimited number of pages in each.

Also useful from it will be programs installed on your computer which can be connected via an a new SpecialCharacterPrefixProtocol?.

I have been using several versions of NysLte over the past six years and have created hundreds of Category Spaces with thousands of pages.

In addition to being able to make notes (pages) as belonging to categories (spaces), the text of the note includes named-link mechanisms similar to WikiWiki, but not limited in use to only word conventions, a link being selected by clicking on any selected-space-delimited-string of characters.

''There are many other features involving collections and archiving via Artifactories which will follow in a more advanced version slated for the fall of 2013 (NysLte2014). Included in it will be such things as SpecialCharacterPrefixProtocols?. This enable extensions of the SpacePageParadigm? of NysLte to include other paradigms including a new FederatedParadigm?.

Data stored by previous versions of NysLte will be viewable in newer versions. Thus, even the data available to NysLte2006, will be accessible by NysLte2014. ''

-- DonaldNoyes.20130708

Different concepts of Spaces containing Information

InformationSpace is defined as the set of concepts and relations among them held by an information system. This is as compared to CognitiveSpace, which is the set of concepts and relations among them held by a human

Newby, Gregory B. (2002) "The necessity for information space mapping for information retrieval on the semantic web." Information Research, 7 (4) Available at: http://InformationR.net/ir/7-4/paper137.html © the author, 2002. Updated: 9th July 2002
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