Object Share

The last name of the company that was formed from the merger of ParcPlace Systems, Inc. and Digitalk Inc. and at the time of the merger in August 1995 called ParcPlace-Digitalk, Inc.

Vendor of VisualWorks Smalltalk and other products.

In September 1999 its Smalltalk product lines were then sold to Cincom Systems, Inc. and its European consultants to ValTech. Shortly afterwards ObjectShare was bought by Starbase, Inc.

Mergers and acquisitions The most significant products of the company were: Parts for Java is a Java IDE (I believe it was actually the first IDE for Java). It is an outgrowth of Visual Smalltalk and has tried to bring some of the features of the Smalltalk world to Java. Especially notable is the Class Master that allows one to browse classes much like in Smalltalk.
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