Of Course Im Probably Wrong

Pretty much the same as BlameYourselfFirst.

See also: IthinkSo, StandardDisclaimer IamNotaLawyer

When I read OfCourseImProbablyWrong, in the proper context, I see it as an introduction to an unproven hypothesis. I value those. I also value the ability to distinguish between them and proven hypotheses. It can be dangerous to find yourself running an experiment when you'd intended to apply a solution. That said "OfCourseImProbablyWrong" sounds unnecessarily self-deprecating. A simple "I think" would do in its place, I think. -- PhilGoodwin

I find that ContradictionIndicatesFalseFact: No matter how "heavily proven" my knowledge is, when the conclusion is a contradiction (like "1=2"), then I know that some "fact" I consider True is actually False. -- JeffGrigg

"1 and 2 are simply the same thing observed from different precepts."

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