Off Topic Is Ok

This WikiWikiWeb is a forum and a community of programmers. Not tech support, a reference manual, a dictionary, or a newsgroup.

This WikiWikiWeb is further defined as The InformalHistoryOfProgrammingIdeas, where contributors and editors exercise GoodStyle, toleration, and courtesy in their dialogues. When an occasional OffTopic page appears, most Wikizens exercise judgement and decorum in their involvement with them. Some OffTopic pages are deleted eventually, while others fade into oblivion through neglect or lack of continuing interest. OffTopic pages should not incite or inflame readers into edit wars or name calling. They should have inherent value for the participants and users of this wiki. -- DonaldNoyes 20041108

See also TolerateOffTopic OffTopicIsOkay IsOffTopicOk

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