Olivier Rey

                  All men are forced to act helplessly 
                  according to the impulses 
                  born of the modes of material nature; 
                  therefore no one can refrain 
                  from doing something, 
                  not even for a moment.

Bhagavad Gita, 3-5

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1. AntiPatterns are related to corporate culture. The fact that their use is often considered as the right thing to do whereas it obviously fails is an indication of the management type of the company. Very often, the AntiPattern use is unconscious, as is the fact that it doesn't work. Some people have the feeling that this is how the work should be performed => Psychological aspect of AntiPattern to work on?

2. There is a crucial need for an IT training directed to CEOs. The objective would be for them to have correct MentalPatterns to be able to judge the basics of some IT issues: I will work on that in the next future to see what can be done with that. IT is too young an industry to be clearly understandable by CEOs.

3. Connect the ItLegend? concept to the SelfSealingBeliefs? Hmmm. Need to think about it.

4. Some pages are categorized with both CategoryAntiPattern and CategoryManagementAntiPattern and some not. It is not so clear for the fresh reader what is the logic.

There very often is not an overall logic because different people contributed different thoughts, perhaps at different times and unaware of what else is here. It is a valuable contribution to come in and pull it together and make sense of it as you see it. Thank you for your efforts. -- JohnFletcher

>> Thanks for that John! I'll do what I can.

5. Follow CodeSmell comments about CategoryCodeSmell and CategoryDevelopmentAntiPattern.

6. Think about "itineraries" in c2.com for instance to introduce people to DesignPatterns or AntiPatterns.

7. Added a big section for TPM. Interesting to anyone?


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