Online Publishing

Dear Wiki Forum users, interested in realizing a WikiWayOfLife,

first of all my thanks to WardCunningham, who has created this wonderful friendly environment, where innovative tools, ideas, people, new organizations have a chance to evolve. My thanks naturally extend to all the authors of this living document.

It was a great pleasure for me to learn, that this forum is already ecommerce enabled, and that Ward was fair enough to ask the users, if this was objectionable. I think, it's only a small direct material compensation, not proportional to his contributions to the wider community. See AmazonAssociate.

As far as I can see from a peep into the list of ISBN publications, there are only Offline Books (please correct me, if not). Amazon has certainly Online Books too.

How can OnlinePublishing be integrated in the Wiki Forum, such that there is a motivation for contributors, wishing to level up from part-time Wiki to full-time Wiki activities?

Authors of text, multimedia and software Additions, comments, discussion welcome.

-- FridemarPache

SeeAlso: DataMusicProject as a practical step for step approach

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