Ot Ninety Nine

OT99 is the seventh avatar of the annual conference of the British Computer Society OoPs? group. It takes place in Oxford, England, 29-31 March 1999.

Established by (amongst others) SteveCook, JohnDaniels, BruceAnderson in 1993, the event has an enviable reputation for exploring new technologies and breaking new ground in the practice of software architecture, design and development.

This year we're pleased to welcome some familiar Wiki names, with a keynote from KentBeck and sessions led by JimCoplien, FrankBuschmann, BruceAnderson amongst others. Also a technical keynote from SteveVinoski?, the first UK workshop on ExtremeProgramming, some early XML experience from real projects and more. Sessions are highly interactive - no snooze! no sales pitches!! no hype!!! <grin>

Accommodation is at Christ Church College, the scene for plenty of after-hours BOF sessions, diversions (these have included whisky tastings, juggling, drumming, art gallery and ghost walks, music recitals) and discussions.

More details at http://www.trireme.com/ot99/

-- DavidHarvey (Conference Chair)

Well, it came, we went, it was good. Thanks to the several Wikizens who contributed, in particular KentBeck for an awesome keynote. Some threads I'd like to start, to continue and I hope broaden some discussions we had at the conference:

More later...meanwhile, watch out for OtTwoThousand - coming next year!

-- DavidHarvey

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