Ou Li Po

Oulipo is short for l'Ouvroir de Littérature Potentielle.

A suggested name for an English language community dedicated to constrained literature and modeled after the OuLiPo. http://www.constrained.org has ambitions in this direction.

see GeorgesPerec, RaymondQueneau, RobertDesnos

This looks like a WalledGarden and, therefore, a DeletionCandidate.

Perhaps, but LaurentBossavit and ChristopheThibaut seem to interested (see the page on GeorgesPerec); better consult them before deletion. I agree that there seems to be very little content in OuLiPo. -- ATS

With all due respect for LaurentBossavit and ChristopheThibaut, would not the be a better fit for BookShelved?

Sorta. There is already info on oulipo on the Bookshelved GeorgesPerec page. One can't create a Bookshelved OuLiPo page, however, since it was never the title of a book. (Bookshelved has some funny restrictions.) There is a WikiPedia article, however.


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