Paired Venting

A new practice in the new WorryDrivenDevelopment methodology.

PairedVenting is the act of getting together with someone and letting all of your shared frustrations out. It is a shining example of MiseryLovesCompany.

Sometimes referred to as BitchSession?s.
Particularly useful in places were people want to get the most out of the time avalible and still produce high-quality, peer-reviewed vents. You share one rant, switching back and forth as your partner requires breath or has a break in thought. After a few months you will begin to wonder how you ever vented alone, and you may even use the extra time you gain to solve the problems you were complaining about.
Great addition. Don't forget to breathe. Or, do you get bonus points for passing out? Yes, high-quality, peer-reviewed vents. I love it.

There's something there about a group having a louder voice, but I can't quite put it into words...

But, I'm starting to worry that you are actually solving problems. I think we need to argue about whether or not we're really following WorryDrivenDevelopment, or better yet, let's have an EndlessMeeting to discuss this non-issue.
If you haven't figured it out yet, yes, this is an attempt at humor, and perhaps a poor one at that. Enjoy if possible. If not, start your own BitchSession?. --JasonNocks
Don't forget that ThereMustBeDrink? (or, ThereMustBeFood). Helps for EndlessMeetings, too.
See: CynicalRelease

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