Pandigital Novel

A HandHeld that is UsefulUsableUsed ThinkingOutLoud.DonaldNoyes.20110312

This page will show the potential for utilizing an inexpensive HandHeld such as the one shown above, or other one capable of displaying and interacting with WikiPages, such as on this Wiki, or with a Personally Configured PersonalWiki Server in an environment which includes a Desktop Computer, an Internet Connection using a program called NysWiki?. This Server will be made "Reachable", through the firewall on the computer using a specified port and appropriate handshaking to serve html pages which consist of one or more screens, particularly sized and designed to be displayed and paged on this device using a simple single touch navigation technique in addition to the usual touch and swipe technique.

This page is intended as one of the StartingPoints in a WikiProject, involving WikiZens participating in a Programming Project called Project Handheld.

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