Paradigm Shift

Is a paradigm a SystemMetaphor? -- TimVoght

I think so. -- ErikMeade

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I would have to say that the jury is out on the breakdown size, but it is a case of when not if. As for organic movement, maybe, maybe not. The roles may also happen spontaneously to different people at different times. I expect you are right in the main but the roles can change for specific moments during development. -- TomAyerst

Okay, but when speaking of methodologies and process aren't you looking for the major trends rather than the exceptions? -- RobertDiFalco

Often yes, but many of the most interesting findings come from minor offshoots. That is, after all where paradigm shifts usually start. -- ta (I could use twa but I might get mistaken for an airline :-)

I'm not sure I disagree but I'm not sure I agree either. I've often viewed paradigm shifts as allowing people to do what they have always wanted to but have been prevented to by existing conventions. I often see a paradigm shift as the result of freeing us up to do the most natural thing. This is different than a fringe case. -- rd

Paradigms, by JoelBarker?. ISBN 0887306470

We all know the rules for success in our business or professions, yet we also know that these rules--paradigms--can change at any time. What Joel Barker does in Paradigms: The Business of Discovering the Future is explain how to spot ParadigmShifts, how they unfold, and how to profit from them. Through the power of this method--paradigm spotting--you can: In addition, Paradigms is full of concrete examples of paradigm shifts and predictions for the future, and contains a new introduction detailing recent developments and pointing out areas to watch for paradigm shifts.

-- Amazon review

Joel Barker also has some videos which provide a good discussion of these ideas.
Also an interesting song from LiquidTensionExperiment? :
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