Pattern Oriented Software Architecture One

Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture: A System Of Patterns by FrankBuschmann, RegineMeunier, HansRohnert, PeterSommerlad, and MichaelStal. Wiley, c1996, (ISBN 0471958697 ).

The Siemens Gang prefers POSA as the official (read most used) acronym for their book.

See PatternOrientedSoftwareArchitectureTwo

The book has three categories of patterns: architectural patterns, design patterns, and idioms. The architectural patterns are:

Frankly, I hate both the buzzword-compatible title of our book as well as the acronym PoSa. Only, both were the better choice considering alternatives. For instance, people proposed GangOfFive (PartyOfFive?) as a nickname for us. Imagine the confusion this can cause (and caused in my brain when I heard it for the first time!) -- HansRohnert

Hmmm, so which of the authors thought it was cute that "Patterns of Software Architecture -- A System of Patterns" has an acronym that's a palindrome? -- JimCoplien

Would that be an acronome?

Someone has recommended looking at the Siemens Pattern Galaxy, at [BrokenLink]

Sadly a lot of people noticed that this page can't be found by their browsers. On [BrokenLink] it states (in German), that this page sadly is only reachable from within Siemens.


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