Paul Dyson

See I'm InterestedInSoftwareArchitecture and I see the ArchitectAsKeeperOfTheFlame.

It occurred to me today that ClassManagementVersusObjectManagement is a fundamental force in software design. I'm also interested that sometimes MakeItFastBreaksMakeItRight.

I'm interested in capturing system knowledge, particularly the view that TheSourceCodeIsTheDesign and LightweightDocumentation.

This ExtremeProgramming stuff makes a lot of sense to me. Today I was wondering whether ExtremeProductsWontSell. Perhaps ExtremeProgrammingIsTheExtremeValues - I believe that ExtremeValuesWillScale through a process of ContinuousOptimization.

What about PhysicalCuesInSoftwareDevelopment, AutomaticallyGeneratedBullshit?, and StoriesAndSoftware??


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