Pebble Pad


PebblePad is much more than an eportfolio. It is a Personal Learning System being used in learning contexts as diverse as schools, colleges, universities and professional bodies; by learners, teachers and assessors; for Personal Development Planning, Continuing Professional Development, and Learning, Teaching and Assessment.

I have been using PebblePad for some time since I had some training on it in September 2008. Initially I was sceptical as it imposes its model of the world on the user. However, it is possible to use it to capture items of information (thoughts) and build them up into longer documents (blogs) which make it convenient to record a project, or journey. It is also possible to upload files, e.g. pictures. It is them possible to share files with other registered users. At present items can be given tags. Some are supplied but users can create their own and any item can be given any number of tags. I think this is capable of useful extension to record semantic information about the content which is being created, in the form of metatags e.g. name, place, event. This is particularly so as each thought item can be quite small and specific, and then combined into collections. -- JohnFletcher.
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