Perl Framework Vs Ruby On Rails

(db) Nowadays (May 2007) RubyOnRails has got all the hype. A lot of us are even switching to RubyLanguage just to get on rails. OK! But how about the real PerlMongers? among us? Those who still believe in good old PerlLanguage? Is there anything for us, the Perl faithful and old-timers?

Not to worry! There are frameworks for us. Perhaps not as good as RubyOnRails but close. Perhaps one day a Perl framework will do better than RubyOnRails. Doable!

Please list Perl frameworks you have been toying with, give comments for each and state which one you think could seriously compete with RubyOnRails.

Any hope that Perl will get as good a framework as the famous ROR? What would it take to make a Perl Framework as good as ROR?

Let me (JesseMillikan) suggest some things, by layer:


DBIx beats ActiveRecord on the above ORM points. There are multiple separate components for AJAX support, and multiple components attempting to put together a system for form-building and other drudgery.

I would say that since they both lack cohesive documentation, CatalystFramework may already be the better framework, from a language-neutral perspective.


Interchange is a ModPerl ApplicationServer. Its Frameworks allows for easy integration with other applications, databases, and scalability. Interchange has its own tag language which makes it much easier to learn and just as easy to implement. It beats Ruby hands down.

Other Perl Framework

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