Peter Lynch

I am a programmer who has written a few successful commercial applications in payroll/HR, ConfigurationManagement and Manufacturing.

I come up as INTP on MyersBriggs, and Idealist (NF) on

I am interested in the techniques of system's development generally.

I was described once as an iconoclast who considers IBM ante-deluvian. I like that.

 I like Revelation. (1)
 I like Open Insight. (1)
 I like Pick. (1)(conceptually)
 I like Adabas DB (1)
 I like Natural 
 I like CobolLanguage
 I like Primos CPL. (1)
 I like FortranLanguage
 I like NEAT/3 (AssemblerLanguage?)
 I like RSTS Basic Plus. (1)
 I like ISPF/2 and CLIST and PDFs. TSO and its services. (1)(Believe it or not)
 I like DelphiLanguage
 I like TotalDataBase? (1)
 I like SupraDataBase? (1)
 I like IDMS
 I like VSAM
 I like RebolLanguage (1)
 I like RubyLanguage (1)
 I like WebSphere (1)

There are distinguishing points about each of these.

These are all solutions to the same problem - communicating effectively with a computer. They are all quite different. They must have something in common.

(1) These have the JoyfulSoftwareEthic IMHO

Saw your remarks in KaiZen page some time ago and wonder whether you have more to add there, like whether it is a fad that passed away at the sites you know of? Or better, some success stories that last.

I could not write a good summary of the book. What it did for me was cement a belief I held for a while, and this belief was at the time the reason I was succeeding technically. This idea of stopping the entire production line when an exception occurs - effectively, whatever is started will succeed, or all bets are off.

I believed that there should be no error paths in application code. This is the same philosophy - if a process is triggered, it either succeeds in doing what it is supposed to do, or the entire process tree halts - drops into an error state. I had written code to do this in the applications I was building at the time.

Doing this makes a process invocation an assertion - any exception generated within can be handled by an external error processor

(I like the refactoring of this page above - thankyou) -- me

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